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Chipotle Chicken Kathi Rolls

Long Weekends are very special to me mostly the ones that are falling in summer months on our East Coast. Some summer fun with lots of sun, pool time,parks, brunches, trips, vineyards, get together, social functions and top of all the most important one- BARBEQUES. Yes, Barbecues is like a staple in summers for us since a decade now and that's the time when I end up cooking huge loads of food to be cooked on the grill. Paneer Tikkas, Chicken tikkas, burgers, grilled corn, salads, drinks and what not.......... This year got me trying new things more and more specially after starting to blog my recipes and developing new ones. Now we are not having a usual barbecue at the moment but I couldn't help myself from sharing with you all this new CHIPOTLE CHICKEN recipe that I planned to make this year....I wasn't grilling these so I thought of making them on my CAST IRON skillet and they almost gave me that same grilled flavors which I LOVEDDDDD. So I decided to make some CHIPOTLE CHICKEN KATHI ROLLS with my mint mayo I used with my Paneer Kathi Rolls (click for the link) recipe and it was PURRRRRRFECTTTTTTTT !!!!!!! If you are grilling in this long weekend this would be a perfect way to grill some and then use them later if you have any leftovers for these KATHI ROLLS i made from them, so all in all two-in-one uses. This is also a make ahead recipe you can do if you are cooking for a larger crowd or just meal prepping for yourself for the week. To make life easier I used KAWAN PARATHAS for the rolls as they have really great taste and texture and holds the filling and sauces well.... also saves a whole lot of time...So let's get cooking a you guys try out these and send me your reviews here or on my Instagram-- @spicendiced .... RECIPE BELOW PREP TIME:- 1 HR COOK TIME:- 20 MINS SERVES:- Makes 5 Rolls Ingredients:- NOTE:- If you are grilling the chicken leave the chicken in larger pieces For making more keep on doubling up the ingredients like if you are making 10 rolls use 4 chicken breasts and double of the rest of the ingredients. 2 Large Chicken Breasts (washed & cubed bite size) 2 Chipotle Peppers diced fine (I used LA COSTENA can) 3-4 regular spoons sauce from the chipotle pepper can 1 Teaspoon Taco seasoning 1/2 Teaspoon Garlic Powder 1/2 Teaspoon Cumin Powder 1/2 large onion sliced length wise 1/2 green pepper sliced length wise A pinch of Sea Salt Oil as required INGREDIENTS MINT MAYO 1 cup tightly packed mint 1/2 cup Mayonnaise 1 Serrano Chili (add half or de seed for less spice) 1/2 to 1 TSP Cumin Powder 1 Garlic clove (optional- if you like garlic flavor) 1 TBSP lemon Juice a pinch of salt
*Add everything in a blender and make it into a thick dip like consistency till everything is nicely crushed and blended. Take out in a bowl and cover and put it in the fridge. Cooking Chicken & Assembling the Kathi Rolls. *In a bowl take the chicken cubes-- add in the bite sized chicken breasts, finely chopped chipotle peppers, 3-4 spoons sauce from the can and the dry spices & 2-3 spoons oil. *Marinate the chicken for an hour. Take your cast iron skillet add some oil and let it heat up. Slide the chicken pieces and cook till chicken is done(8/10 mins Max) *Take the chicken pieces out once cooked and in the same pan add the sliced onion and green peppers and like 2-3 spoons water so the all the left over juices and marinate from the chicken can coat on the onions and peppers as well. *Cook till onions & peppers are little soft, we dont want to overcook them as we still want to have some crunchiness in them. Take them out and set aside. *Make some KAWAN PARATHAS and then apply some mint mayo on them. Layer with the onions peppers and chicken pieces. Roll them and just heat them evenly on all sides till they are nicely warmed up. Serve with left over mint mayo and Ketchup. SLIDE BELOW FOR PICS. #grilledchicken #chipotlechicken #chickenkathirolls #kathirolls #barbecuerecipes #barbecuefood #chickenrecipes #spicendiced

Chipotle Chicken Kathi Rolls
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