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About me

I'm Rima ! My love for cooking began in my teens when I was always curious to learn and improvise on daily recipes that were made in my home. I was born in India and migrated to United States when I was 17.  Transitioning wasn't an easy process and food was a major part of it. Over the years of cooking made me more aware of several cuisines across the globe. Being an Indian American spices are a major in my cooking and I combined them to adapt to new foods overtime. My friends & family are ardent lovers of food that I make and have always inspired me to continue cooking. Believe it or not I never thought I would be documenting my recipes and take up food blogging having a career in Television Production. But I guess hobby and passion combined can create magic. So here I am putting my love for camera & food together. Here is to hoping that these simple recipes will make you spice n dice just like me. So keep cooking and Bon Appetit !!!

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