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2-in-1 Ice Cream

I don't even know how to begin to describe this as it's not just a RECIPE it's something which brings my childhood memories alive. MAJOR NOSTALGIA happening right now as I am stuffing my mouth with this yummy goodness called ICE- CREAM. If you grew up in INDIA like me then you would remember VADILAL ICE-CREAMS in CUPS which came in 4 or 5 basic flavors namely VANILLA, STRAWBERRY, CHOCOLATE, BUTTERSCOTCH & BLACK CURRANT, if I recall correctly. Of course there were several more over the years served in cones, as sundaes, soft-serves and more. Ice cream was a highlight of every birthday party I had and how can I forget the long walks with my friends on hot summer nights that ended with us usually gulping down our favorite ones. I love love love these TWO special flavors since I have known and no other can come closer to it. VANILLA & STRAWBERRY being my top ones and so I decided to recreate them and see if I can bring some memories alive.

And so GUESS was a MAJOR MAJOR success and I am so delighted to share it with you as a piece of my childhood memories hoping you'll would also have something to recollect on. So now that you have enough info on how special this recipe is, there is something special about it as well. Ready to find out????????? You can make these two ICE-CREAM flavors from one BASE it's that simple and easy and no fuss. Just some prep work for one and you can get 2 delectable flavors from one. Make it for You, your KIDS, FAMILY and FRIENDS and everyone whom you want. I guarantee you when you share with them they are going to give you so many compliments and blessings while eating this (trust me on it). So don't wait to make it and enjoy it while summer lasts in our beloved EAST COAST and revisit your childhood too. Here is a list of ingredients and quick way to make this 2- in -1 ICECREAMS..... PREP TIME: 45 MINS COOK TIME: 45 MINS SERVES- MAKES 2 Bread loaf pans. Ingredients: 25 Large Strawberries (wash & cut the top off) 1/2 Orange Zest 1/2 Orange Juice 5 Tablespoon Sugar(add more if strawberries are sour) 4-5 Tablespoon water 1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream (COLD) 1 16 oz Box Cool Whip 2 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract 1 14 oz Can Condensed Milk STEP 1: Dip the strawberries in cold water and wash them nicely. Remove the top green part and roughly chop to bite sized. STEP 2: Add the strawberries in a pan and add in the zest of half orange and squeeze the same orange in the strawberries. Add in the sugar and water and then boil them till it becomes like a strawberry compote. You can also taste it and add in more sugar if required. It will reduce to less than half quantity and will look like a thick syrup consistency. STIR frequently to avoid burning and sticking on bottom. THE STRAWBERRY COMPOTE should taste like sweet and sour strawberry. STEP 3: Cool them completely and keep in freezer till they become cold. You can even make this a day ahead and let it come to room temp and then put it in an airtight glass container and let it cool overnight for best results. STEP 4: Take a KITCHEN BOWL and add in the heavy whipping cream and beat till soft peaks from (it should be little liquid y). You can also use hand mixer or whisk for it. STEP 5: Add in the condensed milk and vanilla extract in the whipped heavy cream and mix well. STEP 6: Add in the COOL WHIP and mix lightly with a spatula till all the mixture becomes likes a thick liquid like consitency. STEP 7: Divide the mixture equally in 2 BREAD LOAF PAN (you can also use PLASTIC or SILICONE CONTAINERS) and then cover one tightly with cling wrap and make sure its covered well from all sides. You can also use foil to cover it tightly and freeze overnight. AND THERE you have your VANILLA ICECREAM. STEP 8: Add in the strawberry compote to your other half of the base you saved and then mix with a light hand. Repeat the same cover tightly with foil or cling wrap and Freeze overnight. THIS IS YOUR STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM. NOTE: FOR SERVING LET IT SIT OUT FOR 3-4 MINUTES AND IT WILL SCOOP EASILY. PUT IN A CONE OR CUP AND ENJOY............SLIDE BELOW FOR PICS. #icecream #icecreams #homemadeicecreams #homemadeicecream #vadilalicecream #vanillaicecream #strawberryicecream #2-in-1icecream #spicendiced #nochurnicecream #easyicecreamrecipe #yummy

2-in-1 Ice Cream
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