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Creamy Rose Pista Ice cream

Here is a sweet Easter surprise a home made CREAMY ROSE PISTA ice-cream you are going to relish in the upcoming hot summer months. You don’t need any fancy flavoring or complicated recipes just a few ingredients and all set. It’s my favorite flavors coming together and it’s each bite is a guaranteed party in your mouth. So get ready to scoop out a sweet treat that is going to blow your mouth with a burst of yummy goodness.
1 1/2 table spoon edible rose water
2 8 Oz box of Cool whip
1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
1/4 tea spoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup pistachio (lightly roasted)
1/2 cup edible dry rose petals

STEP 1- Take a pan and lightly roast the pistachios for like 4-5 mins. Let them cool
Completely and chop them roughly.

STEP 2- In a pan empty the containers of cool whip. For best results just put the cool whip in a freezer overnight.

STEP 3- add the edible rose water (Add only 1 Tablespoon if you don't want strong rose flavor) and vanilla extract to the emptied cool whip cream. Slowly add in the whole small can of sweetened condensed milk. Lastly add in the edible rose petals and pistachios. Save few of rose petals and pistachios for top garnish.

STEP 4- Using a spatula very very lightly & gently fold in all ingredients moving your hand clock wise and incorporate all ingredients nicely.

STEP 5- Take a deep container(use loaf pan aluminum or non stick or a thick plastic container is also fine). Line the pan with parchment paper and then pour in your ice cream mixture. Cover it with a foil or any lid and freeze it over night for best results.

** Only use of edible rose water and petals. You don’t need to add any sugar as condensed milk is already** #rosepistaicecream #eastersurprise #roseicecream #pistachioicream #easyicecreamrecipe #homemadeicecream #yummy #yummygoodness

Creamy Rose Pista Ice cream
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