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Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos

I always wanted to make a NACHOS recipe that has some freshness to it and what's better than adding some sweet potatoes to it. Normally we all make these with either black beans, re fried beans, chicken and some other meat option we like, so I decided to add a little twist in the tale. These are super duper easy to make amazing in taste and not at all greasyyy which I love......... On top of this I made it one pan so it's much easier to serve with some sides of your choice. These will be a perfect appetizer for hosting a game night or a Mexican food fiesta, a get together or even a lazy evening when you don't want to cook a lot but still have something filling. You can also keep all these ingredients separate and have everyone build their own if you are hosting a larger crowd. And for the cheese option instead of using the shredded mexican cheese I used, you can have some hot QUESO on a burner so you don't have to warm it up for the cheese to melt. One more additional benefit is that you can prep these ahead a day for a get together or even for yourself, so when you are hungry all you'll do is just assemble and broil till cheese melts...VOILA yummyy nachos in 10 mins. I even added some fresh greek yogurt & cilantro dressing to it which cuts out the sweetness of the potatoes and makes a perfect balance to the recipe. In addition, I also used the TOSTITOS- Hint of lime chips as they have a nice taste to them, Some RED HABANERO HOT SAUCE on top & WILLY's ORIGINAL SALSA (medium hot) from SHOP N STOP as its not at all sour and has a fresh taste. You can use chips and salsa that are freshly made from your local favorite restaurants or grocery store or even make your own. Also please don't forget to tag me @spicendiced on INSTAGRAM if you decide to create any recipes from me. So here's what you'll need for this LOADED SWEET POTATO NACHOS PREP TIME: 20 MINS COOK TIME: 35-40 MINS SERVES: 4 Ingredients: 3 Large Sweet Potatoes (peeled and cubed small) 1 Cup Black Beans (drained and washed) 2 Table spoon Taco Seasoning 1 Table spoon curry powder 1 Tea Spoon Garlic powder 1 Tea spoon Cumin powder 1 Tea spoon Paprika Salt to taste Olive Oil to drizzle NOTE: You'll also need 2 cups finely chopped onions, red & green bell peppers & 1 cup of scallions (green onions) & some mexican three or four cheese blend.
*In a large sheet add in the olive oil and add in the diced cubed sweet potatoes. Add in all the dry spices mentioned above and then toss the potatoes till everything is nicely coated. Drizzle some more olive oil and bake on 375 Degrees for 35-40 MINS till potatoes are done. *You can also opt to cook it on a skillet or a pan till sweet potatoes are done. Add in the beans once sweet potatoes are half cooked either in the pan or the oven. *Set aside once done. Ingredients for YOGURT CILANTRO DRESSING 1 1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt 1 Tablespoon Sour Cream 1 whole Jalapeno 1 Cup tightly packed Cilantro Handful Mint leaves 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice 1/2 Teaspoon Cumin powder Salt to taste *Blend everything into a thick pouring consistency dressing like and then put it in the fridge. FOR ASSEMBLING THE NACHOS: *Take a sheet pan and add the TOSTITOS- hint of lime tortilla chips, then add the sweet potato & black beans on top. *Add 1 cup of WILLY's ORIGINAL SALSA (or any salsa that's not too sour of your choice) after the sweet potato & beans and drizzle a generous amount of YOGURT CILANTRO DRESSING on top. *Then add the chopped onions, bell peppers and some mexican blend cheese. Sprinkle the scallions on top. *Broil on high till cheese melts & then top if off with some Red Habanero Sauce if you like it spicy. Serve with additional yogurt dressing, some extra salsa & some guacamole if you like. *SLIDE BELOW FOR MORE PICS.... #loadednachos #nachos #onepannachos #sheetnachos #nachosrecipe #easynachos #sweetpotatonachos #spicendiced #mexicanfood

Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos
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