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Mango Ice-cream

King of fruit they say, well I definitely agree to it. I think along with you I am FAN of MANGOES too and they are my favorite seasonal fruit as you only get the best ones in summer. What a perfect time to relish this delicacy in form of ICE CREAMS, shakes, parfaits, cakes, salads or just by itself. Mangoes are sacred to me like for real, I really think it's touched by GOD himself when it comes to its taste and flavor profile. The minute you take a first bite you almost feel you are in heaven.

Usually hot weather months are the peak they are eaten all around the world from INDIA to SOUTH AMERICA. And just by writing about brings back so many memories eating them while growing up till date. Like I had a special white dress my mom would put me in and give me mango to eat and then I would joyously relish it till its bite. I might even have some pictures like that which I would definitely post when I find them. The one that I miss being away from INDIA is relishing this summer fruit and eating it every day starting from the MONTH OF APRIL till JUNE. As the sale of this fruit stops right when the rainy season begins, my mom also use to just buy the last lots of mangoes and puree them and freeze their pulp so we could relish out favorite RAS (MANGO PUREE) with our PURIS(PUFFED BREAD) or ROTIS. I thought my son would never be able to enjoy mangoes like I did but to my surprise he shares my mutual love for mangoes and he demands his RAS (MANGO PUREE) with his food each time we get a box in the house during summers which makes me the HAPPIESTTTTT.

Since a couple of years we have been fortunate to have the supply of INDIAN MANGOES here in UNITED STATES and so we religiously get the boxes from our grocery stores. There are several types of INDIAN MANGOES like kesar, alphonso, langda, daseri etc..which are used in several forms from making desserts to pickles. I can write a whole blog about but that's another topic on its own. So this year due to COVID the indian mangoes were a scarce due to shipping restrictions but we got these ATAULFO MANGOES which were really close to the INDIAN ONES. So I got them and after relishing it in several ways I Made this ICECREAM which is the best HOMEMADE NO CHURN MANGO ICE-CREAM I ever had.

So how can I NOT share it with everyone as oppose to JOEY FROM FRIENDS...I always share my food (pun not intended) haha !!! One thing I WOULD RECOMMEND is to use the FRESH MANGO PULP for this ICE CREAM recipe as its preservative free and brings the most amazing flavor to this recipe. So grab some ATAULFO MANGOES while summer lasts and make it today. Also I couldn't decide which pictures to post while I did the photo shoot so I am sharing them all, the pics are the very end of this post. Grab your notepads and jot down the list of ingredients and the super duper quick recipe.



NOTE: Make sure the mangoes you use are nice and ripe and yellow that's when they taste the sweetest. I used like 4-5 TBSP sugar and added to my mango pieces and pureed it. I did not strain it as these mangoes do not have the fiber (threads) in their pulp. If you use any other mangoes I would recommend to strain the pulp before adding it to the ice cream base.


1.5 cup Heavy Whipping Cream

1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract (add less if you want more stronger mango flavor or skip it all together it's still okay)

1 14 Oz Can Condensed Milk

1 16 Oz box COOL WHIP (regular)

A pinch of cardamom powder

STEP 1- I use my kitchen aid to make this but if you do not have one just take a mixing bowl and a whisk. You can also use your stand mixer if you have one. First step is to freeze the mixing bowl and the whipping attachment for like 10-15 mins you can do that while you can making the mango puree.

STEP 2: Take the kitchen aid bowl or the mixing bowl and the attachment from the freezer and then attach it to the base and add in the heavy whipping cream along with the pinch of cardamom powder and the vanilla extract.

STEP 3: keep whipping till it forms soft peaks and gradually add in your mango pulp and condensed milk.

STEP 4: once everything is mixed well turn off the mixing and add in the COOL WHIP ( I almost added like over more than half of it and left about 1/4 in the container if you are adding the whole I would say add in 1 cup more of the mango pulp to balance it out)

STEP 5: With a nice clean spatula fold in the whipping cream till everything is mixed well and there are no lumps of whip cream. The mixuture will look like thick light yellow pouring consistency. see pic below.

STEP 6: In a large plastic container pour in the mixture and freeze overnight and you can relish it the next day. Just leave it out for like 3-4 minutes before serving for easier scooping.

If you wonder what I store my ice cream in, here is the link for it (Click on the word link ) containers they are amazing to store ice cream in as they keep it from having freezer burn and stay fresh longer. ENJOY THE PICTURE GALLERY DOWN BELOW and do tag me on instagram @spicendiced when you recreate this recipe or any other recipes of mine. Bon Appetit !!!!


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