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Chicken Taco Soup

Beginning of fall season means bringing the cozy on in your home decor, lighting up the candles and relaxing by the fire place. So why not bring the cozy in the food too by getting a nice and hot bowl of some CHICKEN TACO SOUP without spending much time in the kitchen. I have been really focusing on my health and wellness since past month and hence you see less recipe posts here, also its so hard to keep motivated being a food blogger and seeing all beautiful creations from my fellow ones.

So I thought why not share the healthy recipes too that I am making these days and you all can savor some of them with me. So I am creating this new category for soups and salads and I'll be posting stuff here as I keep making things. The idea and inspiration behind this soup came from my BFF who had just made a simple TACO SOUP for her son which was packed with lots of veggies and just some TACO seasoning.

So I came home and then I decided to improvise on it and make it into a protein packed dinner for moi, and that's how I ended up making this CHICKEN TACO SOUP. It's nothing fancy and you'll have all the ingredients in your pantry to pull this off and bonus you won't have to spend long hours in your kitchen to make this. You can just throw everything in your INSTANT POT and if you don't have one don't worry you can use to heavy bottom pan and simmer it on low till the chicken pieces are cooked and soup thickens.

This soup tastes just like eating a Mexican fiesta in your mouth and if you are a vegetarian you can skip the chicken and make it with just the veggies and it would taste equally amazing. So without wasting further time below is the list of all the ingredients and a STEP BY STEP for making this yummylicious CHICKEN TACO SOUP.....


PREP TIME: 15 Mins

COOK TIME: 40-45 Mins




1 Large Chicken Breast (washed & cubed bite size)

1 Medium red onion finely chopped

2 cups Red & green bell pepper finely chopped

1 15.5 OZ can black beans (rinsed & drained)

1 15.25 OZ can corn kernels (rinsed & drained)

2 Medium tomatoes finely chopped

2 Jalapenos ( deseeded finely chopped)

2 -3 cups Vegetable broth

(add same amount of water with 1.5 tablespoon corn starch if you do not have vegetable broth-however I recommend using vegetable broth for more flavor. The broth I used is from Trader Joes)

1 cup finely chopped cilantro

4-5 Tablespoon Olive oil

2-3 Tablespoon Taco Seasoning

1.5 teaspoon Garlic Powder

1.5 teaspoon Onion Powder

1.5 teaspoon cumin powder

1/4 teaspoon smoked paprika

1 teaspoon oregano

1/2 red chili flakes (optional - add if you like spice in your soup)

salt to taste (if required- I didn't add any)

STEP 1: Wash and cube the chicken breast into small bite sized pieces and set aside. Also wash and rinse the Corn Kernels and Black Beans from the can and set aside in a strainer for them to dry out.

STEP 2: Chop the onion, tomatoes, jalapenos & bell peppers and keep aside and gather all the dry spices in one small bowl.

STEP 3: Take the instant pot and turn on the saute mode on and then add in your olive oil and let it warm up a bit.

STEP 4: Once the oil is warm add in your onions, bell peppers and jalapenos and saute for 4-5 mins on high till they are little soft.

STEP 5: Add in your chicken cubes and saute for another 4-5 mins till the chicken pieces are little done as well (skip this step if you are not using chicken)

STEP 6: Add in your chopped tomatoes, corn kernels, black beans followed by all dry spices and vegetable broth (adding the broth will give more flavor to your soup as oppose to water)

STEP 7: Add in your chopped cilantro and mix well and turn the Instant pot on pressure cook mode on. Set the time to 40-45 Mins and pressure cook on low.

Let the steam release naturally and there the soup is done. Serve with some nice thin tortilla strips and a dollop of sour cream and garnish with some extra cilantro or scallions if you wish.

Below is the STEP BY STEP process so slide for the pictures. Bon Appetit !!!!!

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