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Baba Ganoush with a twist

Taking away your quarantine Monday Blues with this savory middle eastern side dish. This BABA GANOUSH recipe is simple and I gave it a little twist by infusing it with garlic while roasting. Great way to make something different from them eggplants.


Ingredients - Serves 2


1 large eggplant

8/10 Garlic Cloves (sliced long)

Olive oil as required

1 heaping table spoon Tahini Paste

1/2 lemon squeezed

1 heaping table spoon Yogurt

1/2 tea spoon salt

Paprika, Dried Parsley & Pomegranate seeds to garnish.


STEP 1- Take large egg plant, gently massage it with some Olive oil. Slice it in half. Now using a knife make some cuts in egg plant and add some sliced garlic to it. Add about 7/6 olive on top & bake for 30-35 mins on 375 Deg F. See pics for end result.


STEP 2- let it cool completely. Remove garlic slices from eggplant and keep aside. Using a spoon gently scoop out the flesh of eggplant.


STEP 3- In a blender or food processor add the eggplant flesh, some roasted garlic, tahini paste, yogurt, lemon juice and salt.


STEP 4- Remove and place in a serving bowl. Add olive oil, paprika & some parsley to garnish. Serve warm with some baked pita bread.

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