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Creamy Coconut Ice Cream

Okay this was probably a wrong day to do an ice-cream photo shoot as its super summer weather out here today (BTW I am totally digging the sun after so long). But hot or not this is a perfect time to share with you all this summery CREAMY COCONUT ICE CREAM. As you all know by now that I am totally obsessed with creating new flavors of ice creams and honestly its super duper fun to experiment with lots of different ingredients.

So after sharing the yummy rose and pan ice cream I had to make another favorite of mine which is coconut. The simple, sweet, creamy decadent flavor of coconut is great in the form of an ice cream on a hot summer day like today. I have literally stopped buying store bought ice creams and trust me you will too. It's not all difficult to make these simple recipes as it requires very less effort and plus you don't even need an ice cream machine. So get these ingredients in your next grocery trip if you don't already have them.Make some for you, family, friends, neighbors and enjoy sharing some love and sweetness. RECIPE BELOW..


1 13.5 OZ Can Coconut Milk (400 ml)

1 14 OZ Condensed Milk can (small sized) (397 gms)

1 cup dry coconut flakes or slices (available in any indian store)

1/4 Teaspoon vanilla extract

pinch of salt (optional)

16 0Z Cool Whip box (will use a little over half)

* Take 1/2 cup dry coconut slices or flakes and dry roast them on pan. Cool Down and crush it into powder like consistency (keep some small chunks for texture).

*Take the other 1/2 cup and grind it into fine powder like (you can use coffee or dry spice grinder for crushing the coconut flakes)

*Take your mixing bowl and whisk attachments or whisk and freeze it for 10 mins.

* Take out the mixing bowl add in the can of coconut milk, condensed milk, toasted coconut flakes powder & vanilla extract and whisk together for 5-6 mins till everything is nicely incorporated.

* Take over half of the cool whip box and gently fold in the whipped cream till everything comes together and becomes into thick pouring like consistency.

* Add in the other 1/2 cup of coconut powder now and mix well. Fold everything together gently and then pour the ice cream mixture into a deep loaf pan or tin pan or deep plastic container and freeze uncovered for 45 mins. You can add some toasted almond slices for garnish.

* Using a cling wrap cover the ice- cream and freeze overnight for best results or atleast 4-5 hours before eating. For serving sit the ice cream out for 5-6 mins for an easy scoop out.


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