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Mango Shrikhand

Mango season can never be enough for me, I wish mangoes were available all year round as it's so much fun to create lots of yummy recipes with it. A few days back I made MANGO ICE CREAM and it was huge hit with my friends and family and we all just couldn't stop eating it. This week is officially a dessert week as I uploaded three interesting and simple recipes which can be made on different occasions or even on regular days to make it a bit special.

This year's Rakhi was a very different experience we had to sit in a backyard so that everyone could maintain social distancing with our masks on. But nonetheless it was so much as I met my family almost after 5 long months as it was much needed. So I had to make it special and since we are true GUJJU family our get togethers are not complete without a major spread of food. This year was no different as my SISTER IN LAW cooked up a GUJARATI FEAST and I contributed with the sweets.

Hence comes everyone's favorite SHRIKHAND as it compliments all the gujarati dishes perfect to the T. Now how can I resist making the MANGO SHRIKHAND since they are the flavor of the season and they taste the best at this time as well. Originated from the state of MAHARASHTRA this recipe has been adapted by many regions across INDIA and also because it's the most cheapest dessert one can make at home without breaking pockets for buying ingredients. The most basic ingredients for SHRIKHAND are HUNG(STRAINED YOGURT) CURD, POWDERED SUGAR and some CARDAMOM POWDER and that's it you have the most basic version of it.

Over a period of time as the recipe evolved the flavored versions came in along with the PLAIN SHRIKHAND such as KESAR(SAFFRON)-PISTACHIO, MANGO and now even more modernized add ons such as BLUEBERRY, STRAWBERRY, BLACK CURRANT and even RED VELVET. Yes, I have tried them all in INDIA and they are amazing, so today I am sharing with you the most loved version in the form of MANGO SHRIKHAND with the most simple recipe all you need is patience and lots of it as you are going to have to wait a bit to enjoy this treat.

So let's begin the process, first thing you'll need is a MUSLIN CLOTH or CHEESE CLOTH, I would recommend using a nice quality MUSLIN CLOTH for the yogurt to be strained to the consistency we need for SHRIKHAND. Also hung curd is not the same as GREEK YOGURT. Yogurt and curd are two different types of dairy products in which the milk is fermented in separate ways.

For making SHRIKHAND you can use any regular yogurt and then tie it in a muslin cloth for several hours till all the water from the yogurt (dahi) is dripped slowly and you are left with THICK CURD called 'CHAKKA', I know it's bit confusing but using greek yogurt and hung curd will give you totally different outcomes for this recipe. While greek yogurt is SOUR in taste the hung curd is not as you are using WHOLE MILK YOGURT which is not as sour as the greek one. Now I was in a hurry so I couldn't film the whole process but I will jot down all the details for you to make it easy. So here is the list of ingredients and a STEP by STEP for making this amazing MANGO SHRIKHAND. I made it in a large batch which was enough to serve for 15 people but you can easily use half of the measurements or to your requirements.





So in total I used 1 large and 1 small container (7 LBS)of whole milk yogurt for this recipe.

you can use any brand whole milk yogurt for this.


2.5 CUPS POWDERED SUGAR 9 (add more if your mango pulp is not sweet enough)


1/2 mango sliced in chunks, pistachio slivers and rose petals to garnish

STEP 1: Empty all the yogurt in a bowl. Take 2 colanders or strainers and then place a large flat bowl under those. Place the muslin cloths in these 2 colanders it should be large enough to hold about 3.5 lbs yogurt in each.

STEP 2: Very carefully divide the yogurt in equal proportions and then add them to the colanders or strainers with muslin cloth and let most of the water drip out from the yogurt.

STEP 3: Once you see most of the water has been dripped then gather all the ends of the muslin cloth and then make a tight knot and hang the yogurt for 10-12 hours till all the water is dripped. You can even use the sink tap and tie the yogurt on it if you don't have a source to hang it higher. If you cant figure out how there are several videos on YouTube just search for how to make hung curd and you'll find easy videos on it.

STEP 4: Keep your mango pulp, powdered sugar and cardamom powder ready.

STEP 5: Take a large bowl and empty all the hung curd in it and then just add in your mango pulp, powdered sugar and cardamom powder. With a light hand using a spatula just mixed everything in clockwise direction till all ingredients are nicely incorporated together.

Garnish with fresh mango chunks, pistachio slivers and some rose petals and chill in fridge for about 2-3 hours. Serve it when you are ready to eat. It will taste the best when its cold.


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