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Mexican Sweet Potato Tacos

My very first experience of a farm to table restaurant was a couple of years back on a fall trip to Vermont which turned out as the most amazing experience with food. Made with using fresh ingredients it's Simple, clean flavors with an impeccable taste which will leave you wanting more and more. This MEXICAN SWEET POTATO TACOS is my way of recreating that same experience at your own dinner table. Made from very simplest things you'll find at at your local farmers market giving you that same Farm to table feels.

COOKING TIME - 45 -50 Mins Serves: 3


2 Large Sweet Potato (peeled and cubed )

7-8 Small sized White Corn Tortilla ( any brand)

1 green onion finely chopped

2 cups Shredded Purple Cabbage

1 Lime juice

Zest of half lime

1 cup Greek yogurt

3 TBSP Mayonaisse

1/4 tea spoon salt

5-6 TBSP water

7-8 TBSP Olive oil

2 TBSP Taco Seasoning

1/2 Tea spoon each cumin powder, garlic powder, sea salt & smoked paprika

1.5 cups Avocado (mashed Chunky) - add tea spoon of lime juice & pinch of salt

STEP 1- Peel and dice sweet potato in cubes (see pic). Coat them with 3-4 TBSP olive oil and add in the taco seasoning, garlic powder, smoked paprika, cumin powder & sea salt. Toss and coat them nicely with all the spices. Heat oven to 375 Deg F and in a flat tray add the sweet potatoes and drizzle about 5-6 TBSP olive oil evenly and bake them for 35-40 mins till they are nicely cooked and slightly brown on sides (see pic)

STEP 2- While the potatoes are baking take a bowl and mash the avocado leaving few small chunks and add 1 tea spoon lime juice and pinch of salt (you can even use the ready chunky avocado available at your farmers market no flavoring though)

STEP 3- Take the purple cabbage and shred it finely to long sections or you can use the already shredded pack available at the market and just toss it with a tea spoon of lime juice. wash and cut one bunch of spring onions (scallions finely)

STEP 4- Lets make the YOGURT LIME DRESSING- In a bowl add one cup greek yogurt, 3 to 4 TBSP of Mayo, Zest of half lime and 1 TBSP of lime juice and some salt. Add about 5-6 TBSP of water and using a whisk make it into a dressing like pouring consistency.

(Note if you like spice then just de seed half jalapeno and chop it finely and add to this dressing- I personally don't prefer it)

STEP 5- Take some white corn tortillas and gently roast them on a pan till you see light brown spots don't over roast them or else they'll turn dry and crunchy. Leave aside.

STEP 6- The sweet potatoes should be cooked by now. Time to assemble the tacos- just make sure the potatoes are warm or room temp. Take a tortilla and gently put a spoonful of avocado on base layer, then add sweet potatoes, shredded cabbage & last sprinkle some green onions. Drizzle the yogurt dressing on top and serve.

**Note- You can add quantities of ingredients per your liking I used a large spoon to layer everything equally on each taco. You can also serve this as an appetizer for a large crowd just adjust the quantities accordingly. **

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