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Peri Peri Potato Wedges

I think almost everyone loves a fried version of potato be it french fries, hash browns, tater tots , wedges or any other potato snack and then feel guilty for stuffing themselves with all that calories. Well not any more if you are a huge fan of potatoes in any form just like me than this then this will just hit your right note and its BAKED. You won't have to stand in the kitchen for hours to make this PERI PERI POTATO WEDGES that are easily made and has that wow element in each bite. If you have eaten at a McDonald's in India than you already know what I am talking about (They serve this version of french fries called PERI PERI FRIES) I made the wedges instead. You can even use this masala for coating your french fries. After many tries of making this masala I got that taste right so devour this one and satisfy your taste buds.

COOKING TIME:- 45 Mins PREP TIME:- 15 Mins SERVES 2 (as snack)


6/7 Small sized potatoes (use russet potatoes if you have it available -I used regular)

7-8 TBSP Olive Oil

Dried Parsley Flakes to garnish


STEP 1- PERI PERI MASALA- Use a jar or container with lid and pour all spices mentioned below and close the jar/container and mix well. Can store extra masala and keep it in fridge.

Here are spices used in PERI PERI MASALA (please use exact measurements)

2 Table spoons Kashmiri Lal Chili Powder (ANY BRAND -use this as this has no spice and will give a nice red color)

1 Tea spoon EACH oregano, garlic powder, ginger powder, powdered or granulated sugar, black salt (sanchar)

1/4 Tea spoon EACH Cinnamon powder & Cardamom powder

1/4 tea spoon regular salt (only if you want extra salt)

STEP 2- Wash the potatoes nicely and pat dry with towel. Keep the skin of the potato on for extra crispy texture.Slice in half long side and make 3-4 wedges from each halve. See pics.

STEP 3- In a oven safe flat tray spread the potatoes and add olive oil mix well with potatoes. Then take 2 TBSP of the PERI PERI MASALA you just made and using your clean hand coat the olive oil glazed potatoes. (use more masala if you like the extra spices).

STEP 4- Pre heat oven to 375 Deg F and put in for 40-45 mins or till they turn nicely brown and crispy from the sides and very gently toss them half way to prevent them from sticking to bottom. Remove from oven and Sprinkle some dried parsley leaves. Serve hot or room temp with ketchup or even just greek yogurt drizzled with lime.

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