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Pesto Avocado Toast

Pesto Avocado Toast You can’t make everyone happy cuz you are not an Avocado 🥑 🥑 🥑 ... well I’ll agree to that. So why not make yourself happy and savor this scrumptious and heavenly PESTO AVOCADO TOAST...It’s healthy, wholesome and something you can make in no time. So without further ado here is a quick recipe. ———————————————————- INGREDIENTS - Serves 2 ———————————————————- 2-3 Avocados  4 Bread slices(must be toasted) Any kind 2 cups Baby arugula leaves 8/10 Cherry tomatoes(sliced) 1/2 cup Feta cheese 2 table spoons Pesto 2 table spoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 Table spoons Creamy Balsamic  Crushed red chili flakes  Everything Bagel seasoning . We will start with our pesto spread- in a small container or a bowl add olive oil, pesto and creamy balsamic and mix well. Our pesto spread is ready now in a separate bowl roughly mash the Avocados and keep it aside. Slice the cherry tomatoes in 2-3 slices.  Now follow these simple steps.................  

1- take the bread toast and evenly spread about a spoon full of the pesto mixture...... . 2- Spread some mashed avocado. . 3- Add sliced cherry tomatoes and some feta cheese . 4- sprinkle some red chili flakes and everything bagel seasoning to your liking  . 5- Add some arugula leaves . 6– drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on top . **You can also add a poached egg or a sunny side up egg on this toast if you want to improvise**

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