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Ras Malai

Who said french desserts are hard to make.....have you tried making Indian desserts at home? They can give some tough competition to French ones...what say???? So today I'll share about my most favorite DESSERT that I can't compare with any other in this world. No cake, no pastries, no other can come close to this rich, creamy, sweet...melt in your mouth RAS MALAI. Tempted much???? then let me tell you how I make this scrumptious & finger licking delight.

I know you guys would say that it's so hard to get that perfect taste and texture for the MALAI we use in this. But what if I tell you that it wont for this INSTANT HACK I use for making this quick version. So let me my little secret with you peeps, normally it would take hours for you to make the MALAI's for this one, first you have to make CHENA from the milk then let it cool then knead the dough, then make sugar syrup and then dip those beauties for couple of hours. But Ain't no body got patience for that, when you are craving for some.

So let me tell you how you are going to save all that time and yet get the perfect RAS MALAI..... by using the ready made MALAI you get in the INDIAN GROCERY STORES. Yes....don't be alarmed they are perfect to use as I am going to show you how in this recipe. I personally use HALDIRAM's MALAI that are already pre- made and dipped in rose & sugar syrup, makes my job easier and dessert ready in less time. They taste great...I PROMISE.This is also a great option if you want to make it for a larger crowd for DIWALI parties or traditional feasts at home.

So without further delays here is the list of ingredients and quick recipe:-



NOTE:- If you want eat it in couple of hours then let the MASALA MILK come to room temp add in the malai and then put it in the FREEZER for over an hour to chill otherwise you can



1.4 liter Whole Milk (6 cups)

1 cup Heavy Cream

1 cup Sugar

1 Tablespoon Rose Water

1 Tablespoon Kewra water

pinch of saffron (8-10 strands- crush slightly)

pinch of cardamom powder


Some slivered almonds and crushed pistachios to garnish

you can also add some rose petals remove them before eating.

*In a heavy bottom pan, add in the milk and bring to quick boil on a medium flame. add in the heavy cream and sugar now and let it boil till its reduced a bit.

*Add in the kesar(saffron) & cardamom powder now and let the milk reduce to half from when you began to boil.

*We don't want to make Rabri so don't let it thicken too much just enough to dip in 12 Ras Malais.

*Turn off flame and add in rose & kewra water and mix well. Let it sit to come to room temperature.

*Meanwhile open the Haldirams Malai container and remove 1 cup of sugar syrup and set aside in a bowl, cover & save it in the fridge. Take the rest out in a large bowl gently and add in 1 cup of warm water and let the Malai's sit for 12-15 Mins.

This will make them more spongy and reduce the over sweetness from the sugar syrup.

*Once 15 mins are over then squeeze them gently and add it into the ROOM TEMP MASALA MILK. Put it in the freezer for faster cooling or in regular and cool overnight.

*Once cooled taste test and if you feel they are less sweet you can add in couple of spoons of sugar syrup you saved from the HALDIRAM's MALAI BOX. For us it was perfect as we don't like it over sweet. Serve CHILLED and enjoy. SLIDE BELOW FOR PICS

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